Inga's Campaign

Chapter 1
The Beginning.

1. Vlant & Ryan left rooms, entered Shop, bought nothing.
2. Vlant entered briefing room, settled in chair, fell asleep, got slapped awake by a big guy named bill.
3. Vlant goes to his room, moved to tavern at Dallas’ request.
4. Vlant goes to, and leaves, tavern.
5. Ryan enters tavern, drinks fey water, passes out.
6. Vlant switches crystal balls to “history channel”, bartender switches back to “Mens Interest”.
7. Vlant switches back secretly, Bartender switches back and crams Playbird channel.
8. Bartender enraged, traps Ryan/Vlant, they fight.
9. Bill slaughtered, Hot Girl invites Bartender to her room.
(Hot Girl & Bartender have hardcore anal sex offscreen)
10. Vlant sneaks back to his own room, falls asleep.
11. Vlant wakes up, receives critical wound from Bartender’s axe.
12. Ryan casts magic missile, kills Bartender.
13. Hot Girl outbursts at Vlant, battle ensues.
14. Hot Girl cut in half, Ryan receives cryptic message, Ryan/Vlant go thru whirlpool to Ninja Forest Mountain.

Battle with Ninja!

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